Has the Sydney Property Market Peaked?

I wish I could say for all the frustrated buyers out there that this market has peaked, however we are not seeing this change so far. There is some good news for buyers, as the Australian dollar remains high a lot of foreign investors are pulling back slightly which is giving the locals a bit more of an opportunity.  Overall, prices still remain high and interest rates are on hold again so I cannot see too much change in the foreseeable future.    


This week we have some beautiful properties available for sale including 44 Tulloh Street, Willoughby which will be auctioned this Saturday.  This three bedroom home is in great condition and should sell for high $1,200,000 to early $1,300,000.   


In conclusion, other factors like the budget, a slightly higher Australian dollar and now a weekend of rain might just weaken the market a bit however I don't expect any of these things to make a huge impact.

Happy home hunting. Your feedback is always welcome on james@forsyth.com.au.

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James Snodgrass
Passionate about real estate and an esteemed sales veteran, it is no wonder James Snodgrass is one of the most successful real estate agents on the North Shore. He lives and breathes real estate and his passion shows in everything he does.