Bull Market or Luck?

The old saying, don't confuse brains with a bull market or luck.

Keep your wits about you, buyers and sellers. I don’t know what’s inside Joe Hockey’s head but they are certainly sending out many signals indicating something is going on, or the Liberals have a game plan which will unravel in the future. I certainly don’t want this article to be political. I know Joe Hockey and family very well. For those who don’t know, Hockey Real Estate at St Leonards are the brothers of Joe Hockey.

Buyers and sellers, the upper North Shore might have come off the boil a little, so for all those people struggling with do they renovate or do they sell and move to a big property, I would certainly be looking at options both sides of the railway all the way up the line. 

Buyers and sellers, I’d also be looking at Roseville Chase, Castle Cove and Middle Cove. Exciting areas, some great buying, massive potential and people are investing large amounts of money in big homes which could see a very bright  future for those suburbs.

Sellers in our area, it continues to be your market. Please take advantage of it and remember timing is the key to those extra dollars.

Buyers, we are here to help you in that jungle of information on what something is being quoted and what something is really worth.  We’ve had a lot of phone calls and are happy to help every chance we get.


James Snodgrass
Passionate about real estate and an esteemed sales veteran, it is no wonder James Snodgrass is one of the most successful real estate agents on the North Shore. He lives and breathes real estate and his passion shows in everything he does.