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Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Properties


I have a pet. Do I need to tell anyone about it when I'm applying to rent a property?

Yes you must inform the Property Manager if you have a pet that you plan to keep at the property. There is an area on the Tenancy Application form for this information to be filled in.


I keep filling in Application Forms but I'm not getting accepted to rent a property. What can I do to make my application more appealing?

You should ensure that all sections are completely filled in on your application form and you have provided all of the required identification documentation as requested. Written references from your previous Landlords/Property Managers are always beneficial, as well as ledgers that show your rent as always being paid in advance.


I have children. Do I need to tell the Property Manager when I'm applying to rent a property?

Yes you must inform the Property Manager of all occupants that will be residing in the property, including children. There is an area on the Tenancy Application form for this information to be filled in.


I'm concerned about giving out all this information about myself. What happens to the information I provide on the Tenancy Application Form?

If your application is approved your Tenancy Application form and attached documentation remains securely in your file during your tenancy, this information is then securely archived once you vacate the property.

If your application is not successful, your application form and attached documents are then destroyed.


I've been told my application has been rejected because I've got a bad credit history. I haven't ever been in debt in my life. How can I check what my credit history is?

Your details are checked against a tenant database. If your details have been registered by a previous real estate agency or credit provider we will be notified.

In order to check how your details have gotten onto the tenancy database, you will need to contact the tenancy database provider who will be able to advise the company who has listed you.


Will I need to pay water charges, or are those included in the rent?

If you are leasing a property which has a separate water meter you are responsible to pay for water usage charges (providing the property is water efficient). Properties that have a separate water meter are houses, semi-detached dwellings, townhouses or villas. Apartments and units generally do not have separate water meters and in these cases, water usage is absorbed by the landlord within their strata levies.


I'm planning to have a flatmate, but I want to find somewhere to rent first. Does my flatmate have to be on the Tenancy Agreement as well as me?

When you are applying for the property, you must list the number of occupants who will be residing in the property. In this case, you will be wholly responsible for the lease agreement and total bond amount. Your flatmate will hold no responsibility in regards to the tenancy, and you will be responsible for them in this sub lease situation. Your Property Manager will only be able to legally deal with you during the tenancy, as you are the only listed tenant on the lease agreement.


What happens if I sign a Tenancy Agreement with my partner, but we then split up. Can I still continue the tenancy?

Yes, you can continue the tenancy. We would advise that you get a letter from your partner with their signature advising that they will be/have vacated the premises and are allowing you to remain on in the property. We would also advise that you settle the bond amount between yourselves and sign a change of shared tenancy bond form, which will remove your partner from the bond paperwork, leaving this in your name only. The next step would be to have a new lease agreement drawn up reflecting this change, if approved by your landlord. 


There are some maintenance matters that are supposed to be completed before we move in to the property. What happens if it isn't fixed up?

If there was an agreement made prior to your lease commencing in regards to certain work being carried out by a certain date and your Property Manager confirms that this work will be done, we would advise that you communicate with your Property Manager, as there may have been a simple hold up with the tradesperson for example delays caused by weather. Depending on the extent of the outstanding work and time lapsed over the agreed completion date, there may also be room for negotiation in the rent if part of the property remains unusable whilst the work is being completed. 


How many keys will I get for the property? What about garage remotes?

Your Property Manager must provide you with a set of keys for each person who is listed on the tenancy agreement. In regards to garage remotes, if you have leased a property with a single garage, then only one remote is required, if you have leased a property with a double garage then two remotes will be provided.


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