Carol Law

Operations/Office Manager

Carol brings a wealth of experience, seasoned insight, and solid background in real estate, finance, administration and management. Carol's extensive experience has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of how a successful major real estate office works, and the skills and knowledge to effectively manage a productive, customer-focused agency. In her role as Office Manager at Forsyth, Carol is responsible for the overall administration of this substantial office, incorporating day-to-day operations, sales and property management support, marketing and accounts.
As Operations/Office Manager for a major real estate agency for many years, Carol was responsible for financial administration, maintenance of sales and advertising documentation, and staff training. She is used to taking on high levels of responsibility and prides herself on her reliability, confidentiality and overall professionalism in every situation.  
Carol is a motivated professional with a focus on creating a positive and supportive workplace, a strong brand image and top quality customer service.


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