Aegean Zhang

Sales Executive, LREA

As an Executive with 6 years of high-level marketing and sales experience and a solid background in Real Estate, Aegean has hands-on experience in all facets of residential real estate sales, residential and commercial real estate leasing and management. Aegean excels at driving profitable property sales and transactions within the real estate industry.

Aegean prides herself as a passionate, open minded, driven, assertive, quick learner, relentless, resilient and people person. From developing a healthy client base to leading buyers and sellers through real estate transactions, Aegean is deft at assessing needs, collaborating with teams, and establishing lasting relationships to propel business success. Aegean’s ability to market properties and connect clients with their real estate needs is one of her proven strengths in the real estate business. Aegean enjoys the excitement of her clients looking at beautiful properties while closing the sale for their dream homes.

Aegean is also proficient in researching markets, marketing properties and facilitating real estate purchases and sales through developers of all sizes.

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